Memory refers to the brains ability to store, consolidate and retrieve information.  These functions are largely carried out in the basal forebrain, medial temporal lobe memory areas (i.e. hippocampus & parahippocampal gyrus) and the medial diencephalic memory areas (i.e. thalamic mediodorsal nucleus, anterior nucleus of the thalamus, internal medullary lamina, mammillary bodies, and other diencephalic nuclei lining the third ventricle).

Memory difficulty can be caused by a myriad of health issues.  Seizures, ECT, transient global amnesia, Alzheimer’s disease, anoxia, ischemia concussions, CNS vasculitis, sepsis, multiple sclerosis, Whipple’s disease, herpes encephalitis and hippocampal sclerosis are just some of the many disorders that can interfere with our memory.