The UC Davis Medical Center neuroanatomy lecture series is a training series on neuroanatomy, that was organized for pre- and postdoctoral students affiliated with UCDMC.  Instructions are intended to develop a working vocabulary about neuroanatomical structures and pathways involved in human behavior.  The format is open and discussion is encouraged.  Meetings will be held the first Thursday of each month between 2:00 and 5:00.  Guests may be allowed to participate only upon prior request.  Participants are encouraged to read chapters in preparation for lectures.  There will be a combined total of twelve presentations, and each will last between two and three hours.

Month               Discussion Topic                        Relevant Reading

January              Introduction                                 Blumenfeld, Ch. 1

February            Neuroanatomy Overview            Blumenfeld, Ch. 2

March                Neurologic Examination             Blumenfeld, Ch. 3

March                Neuroradiology                           Blumenfeld, Ch. 4

April                  Brain and Environs                     Blumenfeld, Ch. 5

June                   Motor Pathways                          Blumenfeld, Ch. 6

July                    Somatosensory Pathways           Blumenfeld, Ch. 7

August               Vascular Supply                         Blumenfeld, Ch. 10

September          Visual System                           Blumenfeld, Ch. 11

October              Basal Ganglia                            Blumenfeld, Ch. 16

November          Limbic System                          Blumenfeld, Ch. 18

December           Higher Cerebral Function         Blumenfeld, Ch. 19

Required Texts:

Blumenfeld, H. (2001) Neuroanatomy through Clinical Cases. Massachusetts: Sinauer Supplemental Texts:

Supplemental Texts:


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