Rehabilitating Attention

Attention problems are common for individuals over the age of 50.  Sometimes they go unnoticed until others point them out.  Attention is a good area to begin rehabilitating because improvement in this area will cause secondary gains in other areas such as memory, problem solving and comprehension.

Here are some tongue twisters...

Knapsack straps

Ed had edited it

Black bug’s blood

Fred fed Ted Bread

The blue bluebird blinks

The chop shop chops chops

Here are some clang traps...

What are fancy neckties made of?

Say silk five times.

What do cows drink?

What is 2+8

What is 4+6

What is 3+7

What is 1+9

What is aluminum made of?

What floats through a haunted house?

Say ghost five times.

What do you put in a toaster?